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Regenerative Medicine

Disease often starts with mitochondria dysfunction.  At Mitogenesis, we seek to find the root cause so we can repair and regenerate your body at the cellular level.

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Who can Mitogenesis help?

We focus on mitochondrial conditions and regularly develop comprehensive programs for individuals with:

CIRS/Lyme/Mold/Biotoxin Illness
Autoimmune Disease 

Meet Dr. Mel

Dr. Mel Schottenstein studied at Harvard, UPENN, Bastyr University, and NUNM.  She has completed post-graduate medical training throughout the US, Switzerland, Germany and Spain as well as graduate medical fellowships in Integrative Cancer Therapy and Stem Cell Therapy. Dr. Mel has pursued advanced training in various injection therapies, IV therapy, ozone, and peptide therapy.  Due to her own personal medical history and passion for medicine, Dr. Mel is continuously learning new ways to optimize health.

Dr. Mel


Our treatments are natural in origin and restorative. Many are based on the protocols of Dr. Thomas Rau’s Swiss Biological Medicine as well as other leaders in the fields of Integrative Medicine, Holistic Medicine, Functional Medicine, Naturopathic Medicine, and Regenerative Medicine.

Molecular Gas Therapies

Molecular gas therapies represent an exciting new frontier in medical therapy, utilizing the unique features of diverse gases at the molecular level to address a wide range of health issues. While traditional gas-based therapies such as oxygen therapy have long been used, "Molecular Gas Therapies" indicates a more refined and personalized approach to therapeutic advantages, targeting specific molecular systems within the body. These developing treatments include a variety of gases, each with unique molecular characteristics, and their services vary from improving oxygen supply to employing gases such as hydrogen for possible anti-inflammatory and tissue-protective benefits.

Biological Terrain/Internal Milleu

The biological terrain, or as the French physiologist Claude Bernard called it, the milieu interieur, represents the internal environment of a living organism whose constancy is mandatory for living organisms’ survival. Initially, Bernard viewed the internal milieu as being composed of the blood, whose temperature and blood sugar level were closely controlled by vasomotor nerves and glycogen, respectively. This led to the idea of homeostasis or regulation.

IV Therapy

IV treatment is used for various objectives including the reduction of systemic inflammation, arterial plaque, pain, nutrient imbalances as well as targeting cancer metabolism, biotoxins, viruses, bacteria, and immune system regulation. Additionally, IV therapy can be used for regenerative purposes, including enhancing mitochondrial functionality, stimulating cellular repair, oxygenating the body, filtering and removing toxins (chemicals, heavy metals and other biotoxins), reducing free radical damage, repairing cell membranes, eliminating senescent cells.

Natural Immunotherapy

Natural immunotherapy is a healing method that harnesses the immune system and utilizes natural items to combat illnesses. NK, or Natural killer cells, are the cytotoxic white blood cells of our innate immune system capable of destroying cancerous or infected cells. Natural items, like plant-based extracts and compounds through mistletoe, low dose immunotherapy, haelen 951, peptide immunotherapy, spermidine, herbal medicine for immune health and bee venom have revealed promising in improving our body's immune system.

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