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As a part of the Mitogenesis family, we will work together to repair and regenerate your body at the cellular level.  We are here for you! Learn more about the educational clinical training of our medical team.

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Dr. Mel

Mel Schottenstein


Originally from Cincinnati, Ohio, Mel studied Women, Gender, Sexuality, and History of Science and Medicine at Harvard University for her undergraduate degree. Interested in learning skills of medical mediation and to promote cultural competency amongst health care providers, she completed a Master’s degree in Bioethics at the University of Pennsylvania. Subsequently, Dr. Mel acquired a Naturopathic Medical Degree at Bastyr University in WA. While in school, she received additional training in Biological Medicine under the tutelage of Dr. Thomas Rau of the Paracelsus Clinic, Switzerland. Dr. Mel completed training in Regenerative Medicine, Integrative Oncology, Medical Aesthetics, BHRT, Neural therapy, Biofeedback, Homeopathy, Botanical Medicine, Environmental Medicine, and IV Therapy.

Post-graduation, Mel studied Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine program as well as Ayurvedic Medicine. Mel has also completed a masters in Nutrition at NUNM. 

Dr. Mel became certified as a Wahls Protocol Health Professional (The only certified provider in AZ). Dr. Mel completed the post-graduate certification as a Swiss Biological Medicine Provider from the Swiss Biological Medicine organization. Her training at Swiss Biomed concluded with a one-on-one internship with Dr. Thomas Rau in Switzerland. While in Europe, Dr. Mel received training in the use of the Weber Endolaser for intraarticular/ intravenous/ interstitial/topical applications directly from the inventor, and founder of ISLA, Dr. Michael Weber. In addition, Dr. Mel studied PRGF-Endoret therapies at the Biotechnology Institute (BTI) in Bilbao, Spain, where PRGF was developed and patented by Dr. Eduardo Anitua, who was the founder of BTI.

Dr. Mel completed the Integrative Cancer Therapy Fellowship, peptide therapy certification, and Stem Cell Therapy Fellowship from the American Academy of Anti-aging Medicine (A4M).

Lastly, Mel has personal experience with her own health concerns, in that she has treated herself, which has resulted in the elimination of all medications. Today, Dr. Mel is able to mountain bike, hike and travel the world in pursuit of her passion for learning the latest innovations in medical theory and clinical practice, and mineral and fossil collecting.  Click here to learn more about Mel’s story and why she created Mitogenesis.

Kevin Johnson

Kevin Johnson


Interested in repairing and regenerating the body as well as eliminating pharmaceutical dependence Kevin completed his Naturopathic Medical degree at Bastyr University.  While in school, Kevin pursued advanced training in Naturopathic Oncology, Biofeedback, Homeopathy, Neural Therapy, and Swiss Biological Medicine. Additionally, Kevin explored Sona Sound Therapy under the guidance of Dr. Gary Buchanan and investigated how sound was being used to reset the nervous system.  Under the tutelage of Qi Gong Master Dr. Guan Chen Sun, Kevin learned his method of Yi Ren Medical Qi Gong. 

Post graduation, Kevin pursued training in Chinese and Ayurvedic Medicines.  To further expand his training, Kevin completed the Swiss Biological Medicine post-graduate certification, which concluded with a one-on-one internship with Dr. Thomas Rau.  While in Germany, Kevin received training on the use of the Weber Endolaser for intraarticular/intravenous/interstitial/ topical applications from Dr. Michael Weber.  Kevin also traveled to Bilbao, Spain, to study PRGF Endoret therapies at the Biotechnology Institute (BTI) were PRGF was developed and patented.

After seeing many individuals with chronic conditions in stressed, sympathetically dominant states, Kevin returned to his roots in music and evolved his practice to focus on sound therapy, chanting, meditation, cymatics, and Yi Ren Medical Qi Gong.  To enhance his training, Kevin has learned Tibetan chanting with Grammy-nominated Tibetan Monk, Lama Tashi.   Kevin has completed training in chanting and humming with Jonathan Goldman, a master teacher in sound therapy and pioneer in the field in the field of harmonics. Finally, Kevin has trained with John Stuart Reed, an acoustic physicist and cymatics researcher on the science and medicinal use of cymatics — evaluating disease state in voice.

Erica Cioe

Erica Cioe


Erica is originally from Chicago, IL where she obtained her nursing degree in 2007. Growing up with a mom who was nurse, Erica, always felt a call to help others heal. As a new grad, Erica worked on the orthopedic floor at St James Hospital where she acquired excellent IV skills. Erica transitioned to infusion nursing where she managed an infusion suite under an Infectious Disease Practice for 5 years. Traditional medicine became disappointing after years of bandaging symptoms and never addressing the underlying cause. Erica grew tired of the long frigid winters of the Midwest.  Because of this, Erica and her husband moved to Arizona in 2020. While in Arizona Erica gained experience working at a boutique integrative oncology clinic, performing insulin potentiation therapy and administering botanical and therapeutic nutrient IVs.  Erica believes that the body can heal itself if given the right conditions.  The root cause needs to be addressed to truly restore health. Erica loves the desert and enjoys spending time in nature, mountain biking, and paddleboarding. Her favorite activities at home are reading, cooking, and spending time with her family. 

Maritza Meza

Maritza Meza


Maritza completed her nursing degree in 2019 at the University of South Dakota. After graduation, she moved to Washington D.C to begin her nursing career. Since this time, Maritza has worked as a travel nurse at various Intensive Care Units with a focus on Surgical Cardiac and Thoracic specialties. After moving to Arizona, Maritza was ready for a career change.  Tired of the conventional medical approach disease, Maritza chose to explore a path that focused on healing the body from within.  In doing so, Maritza has gained experience administering EBOO (extracorporeal blood ozone oxygenation) and hyperthermia treatments at a boutique integrative oncology clinic.  Maritza loves her career more than ever and has since found more balance in her life. In her free time, Maritza enjoys training in Jiu-Jitsu, running with her adorable dog, and spending time with her family.

Kendyl Kersey

Kendyl Kersey


Kendyl recently moved to Arizona from Oregon where she lived for 30 years, raising her daughter and son.  After both children moved to Arizona, Kendyl also decided to journey south. Kendyl now lives in the valley and spends most of her free time playing golf and attending spring training baseball games. Kendyl has spent her career as a medical assistant working at various private practices, specializing in family medicine, diabetes, and general endocrinology. Her introduction to Naturopathic medicine was in the 90’s while working with Dr. Jonathan Wright. This experience broadened Kendyl’s understanding of healing.  Looking behind the symptom(s), one needs to repair the core foundation and support the body’s terrain. Kendyl finds this type of medicine both gratifying to her innate spirit and satisfying to her intuitive nature.  Finally, at Terrain Wellness in Portland, OR, Kendyl also gained significant experience managing the IV department, allowing her to directly observe her patients’ progression along their various roads to wellness.

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