Why we created Mitogenesis?

Disease often starts with mitochondria dysfunction.  At Mitogenesis, we seek to find the root cause so we can repair and regenerate your body at the cellular level.

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Dr. Mel

Mel’s Story

As a child, I was diagnosed with a form of Dysautonomia known as Mitochondrial Disease and spent most of my childhood in hospitals, visiting physicians at the Mayo Clinic, Johns Hopkins, Cleveland Clinic and many other well-known medical institutions.  By the age of fifteen, I was on an arsenal of prescription medications, much like an eighty-year-old, regularly visiting the ER for IV therapy, with a poor quality of life.  I was not out partying and playing sports.  I was surviving day to day. Offering no solutions or hope for a better life, my physicians thought my best option was to manage my symptoms with pharmaceuticals, not repairing the problem. One even told me that individuals with dysautonomia/mitochondria disease do not typically survive beyond age 30. I just needed to accept my fate. This was not an option for me!

Our bodies are complex and capable of regeneration.  Why could we not find a way to regenerate and repair my own body.  What were these so-called “experts” missing?

Frustrated, upset, and aggravated by their lack of hope and insight, I became determined to research the functionality of the mitochondria and understand how our bodies use them and repair them.  I knew that understanding this organelle was vital to my health and ultimately my recovery.  I discovered that mitochondria rely on sufficient levels of antioxidants, oxygen, and various vitamins and minerals to work efficiently.  When such levels are depleted, the body’s ability to regenerate and repair becomes dysfunctional.  Consequently, I radically changed my diet and lifestyle, added exercise, employed oxygenating therapies and various other treatments to restore my cellular health.

By age 18, I had eliminated ½ of my medications and stopped visiting the emergency room regularly.  I was starting to finally feel my age.  In fact, my health had improved so much, that I traveled to Kenya for two months to interview women from four different tribes and publish a book on Female Genital Mutilation.

By maintaining a healthy lifestyle, I reversed my medical condition and obliterated the close-minded perspectives of my prior medical team. I have been fully off all medication for nearly 20 years.  Instead of being a fifteen year-old in a 80-year-old body, I am now have energy to hike, horseback ride, and go mineral collecting throughout Arizona.

Dr. Mel

Now our goal at Mitogenesis is to help you find the root cause of your condition. 

As a part of the Mitogenesis family, we will work together to repair and regenerate your body at the cellular level.  We are here for you!Learn more about the educational clinical training of our medical team.

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