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Biological terrain or Internal Milieu treatment

The biological terrain, or as the French physiologist Claude Bernard called it, the milieu interieur, represents the internal environment of a living organism whose constancy is mandatory for living organisms’ survival. Initially, Bernard viewed the internal milieu as being composed of the blood, whose temperature and blood sugar level were closely controlled by vasomotor nerves and glycogen, respectively. This led to the idea of homeostasis or regulation.

The French physician, Rene Quinton, carrying Bernard’s concepts farther, declared that life arose from the sea, and evolved and left the oceans because it possessed an internal means of carrying sea water—the blood—enclosed, sack-like by the skin. Like others before, Quinton observed that the sea water and our blood were very similar and treated individuals with fluid giant plankton blooms off the French coast. Those plankton blooms grew to enormous proportions and created giant vortices that drew up minerals from the ocean floor. He ultimately established free clinics throughout Europe, treating thousands of individuals with his special plankton-derived fluid known as Quinton’s Marine Plasma (QMP).

In addition to Quinton’s contribution to the study of the terrain, the French physician, Antoine Bechamp, suggested that our blood was not a liquid but a flowing tissue.  He argued that mycrozyma (micro-organisms) feed and grow relative to the internal condition, soil, of the biological terrain, which impact both cells and germs. He viewed mycrozyma as an independent living element that acted as the foundation for all forms of biological organization. Therefore, in healthy internal environments, mycrozyma flourish and are beneficial to their host. However, internal environments that express disease cause the mycrozyma to grow into bacteria, molds, fungi, and yeasts that can wreak havoc by producing disease symptomology that erodes, tears down the afflicted organism.

This idea of pleomorphism was expanded by Dr. Gunther Enderlein, a German zoologist and bacteriologist. Enderlein explained that all microorganisms exhibit cyclic manifestations, changes in morphology, that are dependent upon the internal environmental conditions of the host organism. When conditions within the internal milieu change for the worse, pathogenic morphologies arise that can lead to the development of disease processes that destroy affected cells, tissues, and organs. 

How does understanding the terrain help with my condition?

Ultimately an imbalanced terrain can lead to serious consequences like debilitating disease processes. For this reason, it is essential to identify the source of your imbalance and restore your terrain to its optimal homeostatic state. 

Types of Biological terrain / Internal Milieu Therapies 

Swiss Biological Medicine

Dr. Thomas Rau, father of Swiss Biological Medicine, explains that repairing the internal milieu is central to restoring health. The internal milieu is comprised of blood, lymph, and the interstitial fluids that surround and bathe our cells and whose state or condition is represented by pH (acidity) and tissue oxygenation, which determine whether natural creative or destructive processes occur within the body. The nutritional status within this milieu is the primary determinant for either health or disease processes, and bacteria are drawn to diseased cells, tissues, and organs as scavengers but not the causes of disease. Thus, Biological Medicine focuses on treating the internal milieu to restore metabolic processes to their full functionality and to support healthy mitochondrial function that is necessary for the energy required to drive all biological processes in the body.

In Biological Medicine, nutrition is one of its foundational treatment strategies because all people require energy for their survival, and energy from the world/universe is stored within foods via sunlight, the soil, and water. Healthy, organic foods that have experienced minimal modern industrial processing are best suited to restore lost health and maintain health. We are what we eat is an exceptionally appropriate phrase to convey the importance and the power contained in properly grown foods and in drinking clean water.

Wahls Protocol

Motivated by her experience with multiple sclerosis (MS). Dr. Wahls created a protocol as a holistic framework that blends dietary choices, lifestyle changes, and targeted nutritional therapies to promote the body's natural healing processes, rebalancing the terrain. The Wahls Protocol attempts to empower people with autoimmune conditions, to oversee their health and perhaps lessen symptoms, all while boosting energy and well-being.

As a dietary intervention, the Wahls Protocol focuses on nutrient-dense foods, including colorful fruits and vegetables, lean meats, healthy fats, and gluten-free grains. The approach includes three degrees of dietary limitations, particular supplements to address any nutrient shortfalls, and a healthy lifestyle with exercise and stress management. 

The Wahls Protocol diet is accomplished by selecting nutrient-dense foods, lowering inflammation with an anti-inflammatory eating habit, supplementing nutritional shortages, adding regular exercise, and focusing on stress management. It encourages eating nutrient-dense foods such as fruits and vegetables as well as foods high in omega-3 fatty acids.

The following are some of the potential health benefits of following the Wahls Protocol:

  • Improved national intake. 

  • Reduced inflammation

  • Weight Management

  • Increased energy

  • Cardiovascular health

  • Better digestive health

  • Enhanced mental health. 

  • Stress reduction

Balancing the terrain with homeopathy

Sometimes, we are not fully aware of the source of our imbalance.  In such cases, homeopathy can work on the terrain imbalance on an energetic level. Rubimed is a homeopathic methodology created by German physician Dr. Reimar Banis, MD, ND., used to treat emotional/mental/physical interrelated issues. PSE states that mind-body health and vitality are dependent upon the flow of subtle energies, and whenever the flow of energy is reduced, symptoms like fatigue, irritability, anger, depression, and many other negative feelings may appear, which may eventuate in the appearance of physical symptoms. Furthermore, Banis argues that unresolved emotional conflicts can produce energy blockades that reduce/hamper the harmonious flow of energy throughout the mind-body contributing to mental/emotional/physical disorders. 

The Rubimed homeopathic remedies consist of combinations of various individual remedies that overlap and complement each other. Unlike traditional homeopathy wherein remedies are selected based on signs, symptoms, and unusual characteristics, Rubimed remedies are chosen via the usage of applied kinesiology with the acknowledgement that the body’s innate intelligence knows what it needs. 

The remedies work by contributing to the reduction in energetic blockages, which in turn contributes to a reduction in symptoms. However, new issues may arise as the mind-body, like an onion’s skin, peels away one layer after another, which in time, may result in a patient experiencing greater mental clarity, vitality, and a sense of well-being. 

Detoxification of the terrain

One way to repair the terrain is to detoxify the body.  In our contemporary world, our bodies are continually exposed to the challenges of environmental toxins. These toxins permeate our air, water, food, and the numerous products we use daily. While it's virtually impossible to evade these toxins completely, our liver emerges as a vital guardian in detoxification. The liver metabolizes diverse toxins, ushering them through the bile to the gallbladder. From there, they embark on a journey to the colon for eventual elimination. However, this process has a twist: bile is recycled, making its way through the system multiple times. While this recycling mechanism functioned well in the cleaner environment of the past, the heightened toxicity of today's world can overwhelm this system. As a result, the body's toxic load may increase, posing a higher risk of diseases in the face of this mounting challenge.

Balancing the autonomic nervous system

The Autonomic Nervous System is directly impacted by our thoughts and emotions which in turn affect digestive, cardiovascular, neurological, immunological, and other bodily processes. Furthermore, it has been demonstrated that positive thoughts/emotions cultivated via a sense of acceptance, appreciation, gratitude and lovingness, promote order and balance in the ANS. Yet, contrarily, negative thoughts/emotions promote chaotic disorder in the ANS that can lead to feelings of isolation, anger, hostility and other emotions that are conducive to disease-forming processes. The usage of Heart Rate Variability Testing provides a window into how one copes with stress, which is important because chronically stressed organ systems can potentially manifest symptoms related to disease processes.

Balancing Chemical Messengers

Hormones are chemical messengers essential for balancing the biological terrain. Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy or BHRT is a therapeutic approach that utilizes hormones structurally similar to those naturally released by the body. When dosed properly, they have few side effects because they are not identified by the body’s immune system as foreign. When hormone production decreases with age or disease, many can start developing symptoms.

Using Neural Therapy to balance the Nervous System

Nearly 100 years ago, German surgeons Walter and Ferdinand Huneke theorized that many diseases found their origin in dysregulation or damage to the nervous system.  Because of this, the Huneke brothers found that they were able to reduce the symptoms of chronic illness and pain by injecting procaine — a local anesthetic — into peripheral nerves, scars, autonomic ganglia, glands, trigger points, and tissues. Neural therapy is founded on the idea that any surgery, trauma, or infection can impair the ANS or autonomic nervous system and hence have long-standing troubles in the electromagnetic or electrochemical tissue function. Today, neural therapy remains focused on repairing a dysfunctional ANS (autonomic nervous system). This therapy has been utilized widely by European physicians for about 50 years and is slowly being incorporated into medicine here in the US.  

There are many benefits to neural therapy:

  • Reduces chronic pain.

  • Reduces inflammation and swelling.

  • Improves blood circulation.

  • Enhances nerve function and communication.

  • Facilitates healing of injured tissues

  • Regulates autonomic nervous system activity.

  • Addresses trigger points and muscle tension

  • Promotes overall relaxation and stress reduction.

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