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Sometimes, we are not fully aware of the source of our imbalance.  In such cases, homeopathy can work on the terrain imbalance on an energetic level. Rubimed is a homeopathic methodology created by German physician Dr. Reimar Banis, MD, ND., used to treat emotional/mental/physical interrelated issues. PSE states that mind-body health and vitality are dependent upon the flow of subtle energies, and whenever the flow of energy is reduced, symptoms like fatigue, irritability, anger, depression, and many other negative feelings may appear, which may eventuate in the appearance of physical symptoms. Furthermore, Banis argues that unresolved emotional conflicts can produce energy blockades that reduce/hamper the harmonious flow of energy throughout the mind-body contributing to mental/emotional/physical disorders. 

The Rubimed homeopathic remedies consist of combinations of various individual remedies that overlap and complement each other. Unlike traditional homeopathy wherein remedies are selected based on signs, symptoms, and unusual characteristics, Rubimed remedies are chosen via the usage of applied kinesiology with the acknowledgement that the body’s innate intelligence knows what it needs. 

The remedies work by contributing to the reduction in energetic blockages, which in turn contributes to a reduction in symptoms. However, new issues may arise as the mind-body, like an onion’s skin, peels away one layer after another, which in time, may result in a patient experiencing greater mental clarity, vitality, and a sense of well-being. 

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