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Neural Therapy

Neural Therapy

Using Neural Therapy to balance the Nervous System

Nearly 100 years ago, German surgeons Walter and Ferdinand Huneke theorized that many diseases found their origin in dysregulation or damage to the nervous system.  Because of this, the Huneke brothers found that they were able to reduce the symptoms of chronic illness and pain by injecting procaine — a local anesthetic — into peripheral nerves, scars, autonomic ganglia, glands, trigger points, and tissues. Neural therapy is founded on the idea that any surgery, trauma, or infection can impair the ANS or autonomic nervous system and hence have long-standing troubles in the electromagnetic or electrochemical tissue function. Today, neural therapy remains focused on repairing a dysfunctional ANS (autonomic nervous system). This therapy has been utilized widely by European physicians for about 50 years and is slowly being incorporated into medicine here in the US.  

There are many benefits to neural therapy:

  • Reduces chronic pain.

  • Reduces inflammation and swelling.

  • Improves blood circulation.

  • Enhances nerve function and communication.

  • Facilitates healing of injured tissues

  • Regulates autonomic nervous system activity.

  • Addresses trigger points and muscle tension

  • Promotes overall relaxation and stress reduction.

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