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EBOO (Extracorporeal Blood Oxygenation and Ozonation)

EBOO is a therapeutic technique that involves removing a blood from one arm, filtering it, ozonating it, oxygenating it, and then returning it to the body. Ozone is known for its potential antimicrobial and immune-stimulating properties. EBOO is used in various medical contexts, particularly in cases where enhanced oxygenation effects are desired.

EBOO elevates cellular oxygen utilization, accelerates cellular recovery, optimizes blood circulation, cleanses the blood, removes toxins, boosts immunity, reduces systemic pain, and decreases inflammation. EBOO activates the immune system to combat detrimental bacteria, fungi, and viruses, fostering an immune response against infectious ailments. It is a specialized variant of IV ozone therapy, employing a filter to clean the blood while ozonating and ultimately oxygenating the blood.  The filtration system, effectively segregates harmful agents, including various toxins, pesticides, viruses, mold, fungus, biofilm, and chemicals. 

Some of the benefits of EBOO include:

  • Enhance immune modulation.

  • Achieve metabolic regulation.

  • Target viruses and eliminate bacteria.

  • Neutralize toxic substances in the bloodstream.

  • Manage and reduce pain.

  • Elevate energy levels.

  • Foster mental clarity and sharper thinking.

  • Elevate overall performance.

  • Cultivate a sense of improved well-being.

  • Mitigate the effects of chronic illness.

  • Enhance oxygen delivery to body tissues.

  • Modulate the immune system.

  • Optimize oxygen metabolism.

  • Alleviate oxidative stress.

  • Filters both blood and lymph.

  • Enhance hormone and enzyme production.

  • Accelerate the Kreb’s cycle in the mitochondria, increase ATP, and improve overall cellular metabolism

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