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Detoxification Of The Terrain

Detoxification Of The Terrain

One way to repair the terrain is to detoxify the body.  In our contemporary world, our bodies are continually exposed to the challenges of environmental toxins. These toxins permeate our air, water, food, and the numerous products we use daily. While it's virtually impossible to evade these toxins completely, our liver emerges as a vital guardian in detoxification. The liver metabolizes diverse toxins, ushering them through the bile to the gallbladder. From there, they embark on a journey to the colon for eventual elimination. However, this process has a twist: bile is recycled, making its way through the system multiple times. While this recycling mechanism functioned well in the cleaner environment of the past, the heightened toxicity of today's world can overwhelm this system. As a result, the body's toxic load may increase, posing a higher risk of diseases in the face of this mounting challenge.

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