Bio Identical Hormone Therapy

Recently, you’ve noticed changes in your mood, perhaps you feel anxious, irritable, trouble sleeping, more frequent infections or illness, disinterest in sex, trouble with weight-gain, mental dullness and forgetfulness, high blood pressure, loss in muscle mass, elevated LDL-cholesterol, loose wrinkled skin, decreased energy, and lots more. Maybe you passed these symptoms off as being normal complaints due to aging, and then you moved onwards, quietly suffering within yourself

The aforementioned complaints are related to low energy production that directly relates to our primary energy producers, our mitochondria population. Our body’s hormonal system plays a huge role in energy production, especially the thyroid hormone T3, which plays a major role in regulating the activities of our mitochondria, the primary producers of energy. T3 has been shown to increase mitochondrial consumption of oxygen and the production of heat.  In other words, T3 has a direct impact on mitochondrial respiration. In addition, individuals that express hypothyroid symptoms, respiration in the mitochondria decreases, which means less oxygen and energy is available for the body’s use, and this condition expedites aging processes. 

Sufficient energy production is central to the prevention of all disease processes and to slow the process of aging. Yes, we all age chronologically, but we don’t have to age quickly in terms of our biological age. We can feel and look like we’re 40-years old, yet possess the chronological body age of an individual that’s 70-years in age. One of the keys to supporting the slowing of the aging process, besides all lifestyle choices, is through the use of bio-identical hormones. But, what are they?

Bio-identical hormones, whether in troches, creams, gels or pellets are compounded to your specific needs and include the best ratio of hormones for you. We are all unique and deserve individualized treatments. In addition, and when prescribing hormone therapy, the healthcare provider must assess your complete hormonal array to detect deficiencies, if any, in the body. Many hormones oppose or counterbalance the actions of other hormones, therefore, a deficiency in one may relate to an excess in its counterpart.

MitoGenesis offers full BHRT services, using compounded, bio-identical hormones that will help with your rejuvenative program’s goal of building a healthier, more energetic you.